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ALKHAT ALMUMAYAZ is UAE AL-Ain based Compan AE AL-Ain based Company, Founded in 2016, specializ ounded in 2016, specialized in general construcon and main trucon and maintenance, f enance, following loc ollowing local and in al and internaonal standards and policies, our prime business objecv ds and policies, our prime business objecve is to provide our cus ovide our customers with superior quality pr with superior quality products tha oducts that add v t add value to their business c o their business coupled with oupled with excellent maintenance ser enance services.

ALKHAT ALMUMAYAZ has grown sus own sustainably since it's f ainably since it's foundaon in 2016, and has on in 2016, and has become a leading Gener ome a leading General Contracng and Main acng and Maintenance en enance enty in the Unit ty in the United Arab of Emirates. We're justly proud of our achie oud of our achievements, which include a wide v ts, which include a wide variety of high-pr high-profile contracts, deliv acts, delivered within e ed within exact me fr act me frames to the highes o the highest possible t possible standards.

Quality Quality, project deliv oject delivery, and a c , and a commitmen ommitment to clien o client sasfacon, ar acon, are the primary e the primary drivers for the T or the Team, which se eam, which set us apart in t t us apart in terms of e erms of excellence. cellence.

ALKHAT ALMUMAYAZ has commenced implemen ommenced implementaon of its mos on of its most ambious t ambious strategy to date and one which will es e and one which will establish the Compan ablish the Company as the pr y as the pre-eminen e-eminent global t global provider of all kinds of buildings and in ovider of all kinds of buildings and infrastructur tructure Works. As part of this s As part of this strategy – and in a bid t egy – and in a bid to strengthen our br then our brand thr and throughout U oughout UAE market, we are planning t e planning to established diff ablished different branches t anches to all parts of the Unit o all parts of the United Arab of Emir ab of Emirates, bec es, becoming one of the T oming one of the Top providers of construcon w trucon works in the s in the region. Looking a Looking aer the sa er the safety of this t ty of this team is a r eam is a responsibility tha esponsibility that our Gr t our Group takes very seriously seriously. We are commied to the highes o the highest possible s t possible standards of sa ds of safety on all our ty on all our sites, and oper es, and operate to internaonal s onal standards of health and sa ds of health and safety in all g ty in all geographical locaons. W ons. We also pr e also provide c ovide connuous tr nuous training f aining for all s or all staff to ensur o ensure only the mos e only the most modern, e modern, efficient and en t and environmentally sus ally sustainable pr ainable pracces ar acces are followed as s ed as stated later. The pas The past years have been an e e been an excing me f cing me for us and our partner or us and our partners, and w s, and we connue to seek ne o seek new partner w partners who will shar s who will share our Compan e our Company vision and who will c y vision and who will contribute growth and prosperity.




We are commied to the success of our business and our organizaon.
We value professionalism and technical mastery.
We are disciplined in generang the highest producvity.
We extend our innovaon to its maximum potenal.
We recognize the environment as a major business issue.

Transparency and Clarity

Honesty, leadership, integrity and quality.
Customer sasfacon and loyalty.


To become the first choice of our customer, we will strive to serve our customers to their needs and expectaons with our experienced and potenal employers.
To serve local industries by giving priority to procuring and installing local quality products manufactured in UAE.
To be the Pioneer in advancing UAE economy and Community.
To be one of the best construcons and maintenance companies in UAE and GCC.


We aspire to work on the largest MEGA-structure projects in the U.A.E and become one of the major companies at the level of the Gulf and the World, and to expand the company's stretch branches outside the U.A.E.


  • use of full range of personal protective equipment(PPE)
  • use of safe tools & equipment
  • Regular on-site safety audits "Zero Accident & Zero Man Hours Lost"
  • Trained competitive staff


  • Commitment to ethical values among employees and in releation with third parties.
  • Commitment to honesty and transparency professionalism and quality.
  • Striving to stay in the forefront of competitive racing ensuring HRD.
  • Provide the neccessary financial resources for mastering project implementation and quality assurance.
  • Preparing strategic plans for quick responses and good handling errors and potential accidents.


ALKHAT ALMUMAYAZ company has developed an integrated service offering the following:

  • MEP WORKS   

We pride ourselves on ability to design, procure, construct and deliver a Total Building Solution on time, within budget and in accordance with our Client's expectations every time .

List Of Achieved